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Arizona Inmate Search

An Arizona inmate search allows the public to find information on individuals currently incarcerated in detention facilities in Arizona. Inmate records are public information under the Arizona Open Records Law unless stated otherwise for confidential reasons, especially if the incarcerated person involved is a juvenile. 

Inmate searches provide information on where an incarcerated person may be detained, the charges they are serving, and the length of time they need to be incarcerated. 


What Are Arizona Inmate Records?

Under the Arizona Open Records Law, inmate records are public and available for inspection for every interested individual. The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (ADCRR) keeps and maintains inmate records in state prisons while local police departments and county sheriff’s offices are the ones responsible for inmate records of incarcerated people in jail.

When doing an Arizona inmate search, the public can have access to the following information:

  • Inmate’s personal information (name and date of birth)
  • Mugshot
  • Current incarceration facility
  • Charges
  • Sentences
  • Bail and bond conditions, if applicable


What Are Arizona Prison and Jail Records?

The terms “prison” and “jail” denote two different things in Arizona. Usually, people who commit misdemeanors are incarcerated in county jails and have to serve less than a year of jail time, plus pay a fine when necessary. Those with more serious offenses like felonies are incarcerated in state prisons managed by the ADCRR. 

Arizona has 10 state prisons and 69 jails spread across its cities and counties. The state also has the following private prison facilities:

  • Central Arizona Correctional Facility
  • Florence West Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility
  • Arizona State Prison Complex Kingman
  • La Palma Correctional Center
  • Arizona State Prison Marana
  • Phoenix West Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility
  • Red Rock Correctional Center


How To Perform Inmate Search in Arizona

The Arizona inmate search tool online is the fastest way to find an inmate in the state. However, requestors must have access to an inmate’s ADC number to perform a search or use an inmate’s full name. Note that Section 31-221(E) of the Arizona Revised Statutes for Prisons and Prisoners state that incarcerated individuals are not allowed to have access to their records except for an automated summary. 

Another way to perform an Arizona inmate search is by contacting the ADCRR via email. Note that electronic inmate record searches are available for a fee of $0.10 per page. Paper records are also available upon request for $0.50 per page. Record requests must first be paid in full before a requester can access them.

County jails may also have online platforms depending on availability to let the public perform an inmate search. An Arizona inmate search is also possible using third-party sites using an inmate's personal information or an ADC number.  


How To Contact an Inmate in Arizona

To contact inmates in Arizona, interested friends and family must first set up a prepaid collect account online or via telephone by calling the billing agent at 888-506-8407.

Aside from applying fees and charges, interested parties must apply for approval to call incarcerated inmates in Arizona. Calls to inmates are also subject to a limited number and length of calls aside from voice verifications, recording, and call monitoring. In case of disciplinary problems, an inmate’s right to use a phone to make and receive calls may be temporarily or permanently denied by the ADCRR. 

Inmates can also receive mail as long as the sender meets all the requirements specified by the ADCRR. Mail packages should include the inmate identification number (ADCRR number), name and address of the sender, the addressee's amount of postage, and a detailed description of the package contents. 


How To Visit an Inmate in Arizona

Just like with phone calls, visits to inmates in Arizona must be approved and are available via video or in person. 

Interested parties who wish to visit inmates in-person need to pay a background check fee of $25 following Department Order 911. Once payment and necessary documentation are completed, the ADCRR will process applications within 60 days. No payment or incomplete documentation within 30 days will forfeit such an application.


How To Send Money to an Inmate in Arizona

Families and friends can send money to inmates in Arizona via the Internet, mobile up, or designated storefront kiosks. 

To date, the ADCRR uses three vendors to allow interested parties to send money to inmates in Arizona:

Depending on the amount of money sent, transaction fees apply, ranging from $0.95 to $5.95. In comparison, Keefe offers the lowest rates for app and mobile transactions, followed by GTL and JPay last.


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