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Pima County, AZ Public Records

Pima County public records include the documentation necessary for maintaining knowledge of official activities. The Arizona public records law allows anyone to inspect and make copies of these reports during working hours. However, there are exemptions for disclosure depending on the nature of the information within the records. Vital statistics, such as marriage, birth, death, and divorce, are partially accessible as they may only be viewed by eligible record seekers. That is, parents, legal representatives, close relatives, and spouses. Both birth and death records are sourced from the Pima County Health Department. Marriage records, though, are accessed from the Clerk of the Superior Court. Pima County property records are also open to the public. These are obtained from the Pima County Recorder.

Courts in Pima County

Court Records in Pima County, Arizona

Pima County court records are available for public viewing, provided they do not have confidential information. These records would be accessed at the specific courthouse where the case was handled or at the county court clerk's office. Requesters can then obtain these records in person or via mail. County Superior court records older than 50 years have to be transferred to the state archives so they can be sourced there as well. Presently, Pima County has one superior court, three justice courts, and five municipal courts. It has a centralized county case search portal for residents who prefer to source the records online. Record seekers may use these to find the case number, name, and compliant numbers. It should be possible to view all court records except for juvenile cases. The Arizona judicial branch has also set aside a public access platform for cases.

Court Name:
400 West Congress Street, Suite 200
11000 N La Canada Drive
Oro Valley
360 W. Sahuarita Center Way
1601 South Sixth Avenue
South Tucson
11555 W. Civic Center Dr., Bldg C
103 East Alameda Street
360 W. Sahuarita Center Way
Sahuarita Town
75 S. Frontage Road West

Jails and Prisons in Pima County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Pima County, Arizona

Pima County Inmate records are available for public viewing following local laws. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department maintains these. It provides information on inmate visits via a locator tool on the website. Record seekers can then source the inmate’s physical details, charges, sentencing information, parole, and the detaining facility. All one has to do is enter the last name in the search field. The database should then provide a list of inmates with the designated name. Inmates are allowed visits from friends and family, though these have to be scheduled via a Hotline number. Pima County has 11 jails and prisons, which serve a population of 1.052 million residents. That places it at 14th out of 15 counties in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1270 West Silverlake Road
1801 South Mission Road
2445 N. Oracle Road
1249 W. Ajo Well Road
9300 South Wilmot Road

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Pima County

Arrest Records in Pima County, Arizona

Pima County arrest records are available to the public for viewing and inspection. These records provide information on the individual, including personal details and events that led up to the detainment. Arrest records are generated and maintained by the Pima County Sheriff’s department. Considering arrest records may entail sensitive information such as juvenile cases or domestic abuse, not all are non-confidential. Residents may view the open arrest records by contacting the sheriff’s department via mail or in person. Record seekers that want criminal records like prosecutions and convictions may attain these from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. There are 24 police departments in Pima Count which places it 14th out of the 15 counties in stations per capita. The crime rate is 75.59 for every 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
1750 E. Benson Highway

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